About Us

The Affordable Learning Tennessee project was funded through a One UT Collaboration and Innovation Grants grant in the spring of 2020. The Affordable Learning Tennessee project’s purpose is to create sustainable pathways for collaboration to support educational excellence through the growth and development of open and affordable course materials initiatives in the UT System.

Development of the virtual infrastructure supports collaboration resulting in the removal of barriers to cross-institutional growth and program development. Our ultimate goal is the reduction of the cost of education for students in Tennessee.

Grant funds have supported the development of a state-wide open and affordable course materials web resource. We work to publicize and promote Open and Affordable Educational Resources (OER/AER) initiatives at UT System institutions. The project also established a system-wide Affordable Learning Tennessee Council to serve as an ongoing venue for collaboration. Council representatives come from all UT Campuses and Institutions to promote partnerships across units within each UT System campus and institute. We collaborate with other THEC Institutions for the purpose of encouraging initiatives related to the creation and adoption of open and affordable course materials.

ALT Council Membership


Rachel Fleming, Scholarly Communications Librarian

Kellie Wright, UTC Bookstore Manager

Darrell Meece, Professor, School of Education 


Grace Therrell, Online Learning Librarian

Miriam Larson, Instructional Designer and E-Learning Developer

Jennifer Gramling, Director of Online Programs

Joan Thomas, IT Manager

Shirley Streeter, Assistant Director, Volbooks

Randy Davis, Sr. Associate Director, Volshop

Rachel Caldwell, Scholarly Communication Librarian


Erica Bell, Director of Regional Centers and Online Programs

Ben Guyer, Professor, Department of History

Saman Sargolzaei, Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering


Jess Newman, Assistant Professor, Research Data and Scholarly Communications Lead

UT System

Leigh Cherry, Coordinator for Student Success Initiatives

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